Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feet Accessories

Okay, now lets talk about this. Toe rings, anklets, fake nails on feet, and toe/ankle braclet, all of these are not only weird but very annoying or painful, Have you ever tried walking with a toe ring, its like walking with a pebble stuck in your ballet flat. Annoying as shit and you more than likely remove the pebble immediately. Well, toe rings are exactly that except you don't want to move it because it is glamorizing that long awkward middle toe that you have to show off. And in the words of my best friend, "Beauty is pain." My mom used to own so many toe rings, why is it that older women like these? Is it just another way to accessorize? And since when do I want attention being drawn to my feet.Yuck! No thank you! I will stick to accessorizing above the talocrural joint.

Gag Me!!!!!

The Horror

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dying hair

Dying ones hair is like giving birth to a new creature.

1) you dont know what it is going to look like
2) you dont know how others will respond to it
3) If you don't like it their is no going back ( well at least not without hardships)
4) It may just change your life...either in a good way or bad

I've been polling with my friends on what color is next on my list of hair experiences and i have only gotten a few responses. You see i am a natural blonde and even then i like to bleach the shit out of it for fun, so what ever I put in it will work and it will be very different from what i am used too. I have been wanting to go the dark route, but not just some pansy dark blonde. I am an extremist, I want black!!! Black hair on a pale skinned, greeneyed, blonde eyebrow girl?? "NOOOO", as my best friend likes to put it bluntly, "don't do it." I do have friends telling me to do it as well though. In a pickle=my sitch!


My best friend thinks that i should dye my hair this new ombre style, but honestly it freaks me out. I mean i might as well just wait for my bleach blonde hair to grow out, would'nt i get the same thing?!? It really does look good on drew, but definitely not for me. I guess until i either get gutsy or drunk...either one, i'll stay my boring blonde self :)

Wedding ideas that i love...

some of my favorite wedding ideas :)

hay barrel seating

type writer love

candy jar giveaways

unique bouquets

assigned seating keys

Wedding Planning Internship!!!!!

so my internship starts tomorrow!!!!

this is where i will be every weekend this summer. decorating, helping serve cake, telling the bridesmaids when to walk are just a few of my responsibilities. jealous yet?!? its called The Winfield Inn and it is gorgeous!!! if any of you lucky couples are looking to get married this spot is beautiful.